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A bird's eye view of Calovebora beach

Tarred road

Accessible via a newly built road in perfect condition.

Solar energy

The future is sun, so why not use alternative energy from the start. 8 hours daily & free.

Land, still affordable

The early bird catches the worm. Who wants to live on the Caribbean coast?


Peaceful and relaxed living in harmony with nature and people.


The journey from Santa Fé to Calovebora is truly spectacular, guiding you through the stunning landscapes of Santa Fé National Park. The road is steep and winding, akin to the route to Bocas del Toro. The travel duration from Santa Fé is roughly one to one and a half hours, contingent on whether you choose to make stops to savor the scenic views along the way.

Spot #1

Panama City, Panama with a view of the new town

City Tour

casco viejo, casco antiguo, Miraflores,Calzada de Amador

While much of Panama City is characterized by towering skyscrapers and exudes a typical urban atmosphere, Casco Viejo emanates an entirely different vibe. Casco Viejo functioned as the original settlement of Panama City before being forsaken and supplanted by a more contemporary city center.

spot #2

Panama Viejo, Folkloric carnival 2022

Carnival in Panama

Las Tablas, casco antiguo, Cinta Costera, Bocas del Toro

The primary celebration is the carnival, occurring in the four days leading up to Ash Wednesday. Unofficially, the most celebrated carnival in the country happens in Las Tablas. However, for a milder yet equally vibrant experience, you might consider exploring the nearby Pedasí.

spot #3

Cornish Sundown


Santa Clara, Red frog, Venao, Las lajas, Punta chame

Panama is the isthmus that links Central America and South America, providing access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. In fact, due to its serpentine shape, you could realistically begin your day witnessing the sunrise on the Caribbean and conclude it by watching the sunset on Panama’s Pacific.

spot #4

One of the countless hummingbirds that have visited us again and again


Volcán Barú, Santa Fé, Boquete, Santa Ana, El Valle

For an ideal Panama experience blending rich rainforests and refreshing climates, venture to these mountain towns. In each of them, you’ll encounter amiable locals and expats, many of whom relish improved health, a more affordable lifestyle, and a more leisurely pace of life compared to their former homes.